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Affected Others

For every person who has a problem with gambling, it is estimated that another five to ten people are also negatively affected. A person’s gambling behaviour can have social, physical and financial implications for those who are close to them. It is common for partners, children, parents, workmates and friends of gamblers to feel the impact of someone’s problem gambling.


Can someone else’s gambling affect me?

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How do I know if someone has a gambling problem?

Gambling is heavily promoted and widely accepted around the world and more people are exposed to it today than ever before. People gamble for many reasons – for excitement, for the thrill of winning, or to be social. For some, though, gambling can also become an addictive or compulsive activity.

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How can I help a problem gambler?

If someone close to you has a gambling problem, you can’t change their behaviour or force them to stop, but you can take time to support them. You can make it clear that their gambling is affecting others, that they need to get help, that there is support available, and that it works.

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Live support for affected others

At present, Gambling Therapy runs two Friends and Family groups each week specifically designed to support and advise the friends and family members of problem gamblers all around the globe. If you are a friend or family member looking for acceptance, these groups are totally non-judgemental and confidential. They provide a safe environment to let off steam, talk about issues that are affecting you ‘today’, while offering support and experience. It’s a place of comfort, somewhere to lay down your burden for an hour knowing you will be understood.

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