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Blocking & filtering software

Installing blocking software on your device is not a one-stop solution to a gambling problem – but it can be a useful tool as part of a good strategy quit gambling. Please talk to our team to help you create your strategy.

Due to the many possible combinations of devices and operating systems that are available, advising on blocking and filtering software is difficult. The most commonly available software is listed below. These are all subscription based services… in our opinion the free blocking software tools available are not as effective and so we do not recommend them.

Please note that Gambling Therapy does not benefit from recommending the software below and does not accept responsibility for their use. Please contact the relevant software company for technical support if you need it.

Blocking Software

  • Betfilter currently available for Windows only. IOS, OSX and Android coming soon.
  • Gamblock available for Windows and Android Devices.
  • Gamban available for Mac OSX , Windows, IOS & Android.