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6 mths down the track..apreciate advice

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    hi ,its been around 6 mths since i posted ,im hopeing u guys remember me..i also hope all you guys are well and happy..i wld like some advice please ,to update my life with cg..he had a slip up last week ,ill make it short and sweet ,so u get the gest of it..he wnt to counsellor for 3 or 4 times ,and becoz he felt like the penny had dropped about how gambling was tricking him ,in the to beleiveing he could make and get his money back ,he basically thought he had it under to control,i had his bank card and his bank details so i could go on line and check his withdrawals,we planned to move in together and for him to get his money in order ..i must tell u had my doubts abt this move as i didnt have alot of faith in him,but at times i thought it could work ,he was really trying in our relationship and was remorseful abt his actions ..the last 4 weeks he has been under alot of pressure at work ,as he is a manager of a work shop and his workers taking sick days off constantly ,which left his with customers ringing him and complaining etc..he was very stressed out and would often tell me hes over it and cant take much more..his personality is like this wincing alot so i wld try and say supporting things and said leave ur job if its to much..last sunday night i checked his account on line was all good..he came over tuesday we had chinese and he brought a plant for me..thursday thru the day he said he wanted to come over i said ,i was busy with house work etc ..thursday night i checked account ,and i couldnt get thru after three atempts ,so i thought hes changed the password ,i rung him up and asked him ,he denied it ,i said say on my grave u didnt change it ,he said that ,i asked him again ,plz tell me now if u have gambled i will acept it but if u drag this out i will be so angry..he said no i havent gambled ,we said goodbye ,he said he rung the bank up and the couldnt fix the problem becoz of security and he wld have to go into the bank 2 morrow..he rung next day ,i asked him u been to bank yet he said no after work ..i went to house after work..he knew i would hound him abt the bank ,and i had intentions to get his bank card which he had ( he got that back after few mths and said he was strong enough to look after it) i wasnt sure but he said dont worry u can check online any time for withdrawals..any how he came clean and told me monday night he woke up early hours and went on line and played 600 dollars ..he said i wanted to tell u tuesday night ..but of cos eexcuse my kids were there .and then he said i have rung counsellor i see her again next week ..i was upset becoz i had to corner him to tell me ,he knew i wld find out when i couldnt get online ,,but he didint tell me to that point. i was angry i said u could of told me tuesday ,wednesday ,thursday u waited till u had to tell me,so does that mean he had remorse ,or told me becoz he got caught out.if he was in recovery should he of told me sooner..maybe he thought he would get away with it..any insights wld be appreciated .take care all

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