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Advice Needed Please

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    advice needed

    basically my partner has been gambilng for about three years, i have been put into financial difficulty numerous times. i know your probley thinkning well just leave him but its not that simple when you know theres a good person some where inside.
    anyway a relative had recently inherited some money now hes always demamding i get money for him. i do say no but its never that smple. hes had nearly £3000, when hes not a gamlbing high hes sorry and promises not to it again ,but he does. i know how silly and stupid i must look but hes manipulative , hes a bully and uses blackamil. i have children to consider and i just cant keep doing this. i do say NO but he goes on and on and on until im mentally exhausted. i have reached a point were everyday i want the ground to swallow me up ive had enough and i feel so alone. i cant tell people because as i do know i will look stupid for giving in. i need advice what can i do ?? there are no support groups near me and his family are no use at all . please get back to me

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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