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    Hello All
    I need to ask that comments concerning our funding are not openly debated on our forums as this is not something that we are able to go into in any detail.
    We are a small charity with limited funding which is given by our donors to enable us to provide residential and outreach services in the UK and online support overseas. We do not have any funding to provide online support in Great Britain (apart from the pre and post online support we offer to those who enter into Gordon Moody Association residential treatment and their families) and must try to avoid duplicating the work of other support providers who are funded here.
    We want to facilitate the sharing of information concerning contact e-mail addresses and we are open to suggestions concerning ways in which support networks can be maintained outside of Gambling Therapy so please feel free to e-mail in with any ideas that you may have.
    We are also available in groups and on the helpline to talk through how recent changes are affecting our members.
    Kind Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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