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    I’m trying to take the advice I’ve received on this forum.  My cg had agreed to go to Gamblers Anonymous for me.  I told him tonight that I would support him, but if he wants to go to GA it needs to be something he wants to do.  I also told him that it’s his recovery and he needs to be responsible for it if that’s what he really wants.  I asked him if he wants our marriage or gambling.  Of course he’s saying our marriage.  It’s always like this after he falls.  He’s so willing to do anything to get better, but then it happens all over again.  How do I keep going on like this?  Do I call it quits on a 21 year marriage?  I wasn’t raised that way, nor do I believe in divorce.  I guess all I can do is see if he’s really serious about taking the steps he needs to take.  I have called a counselor for myself and made an appointment.  I’ve never done that before.  We will be doing a lot of talking this weekend when he comes home.  Thanks again for all the support. 

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