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Becoming Strong

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    Velvet and Twilight,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring words!  I feel I am growing stronger each day.  I’ve learned a lot in the last week.  I know what I’ve tried in the past has never worked…from crying, anger, threats.  I never thought I was an enabler, but I guess I was when I was the one to set up counseling, call and get information, check on him every second he’s out of my sight.  I’m done with that.  He did come home and go to GA.  I didn’t go in with him.  At first I was going to go (being the control freak I am) so I could make sure he went.  I did drive him over only because he was out of town and had already driven 2 hours to get home and was really tired.  I just offered but told him if he wanted to go alone it was fine with me.  I told him it’s his recovery and he has to be responsible for it because I can’t do it for him.  I have to take care of myself.  This new thought process is hard sometimes but empowering also. 
    I do do things for myself.  I have a lot of friends because I couldn’t survive without my friends.  I belong to a great church and they rallied around me and got prayer partners praying for us right away.  Before I was embarrassed to tell anyone what he was doing.  For some reason we always feel embarrassed when they should.  Now if anyone asks me what’s wrong, I just tell them.  No more hiding.
    Thank you again, ladies.  You have been a tremendous help! 
    God bless,

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