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Cannot Believe This Has Happened

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    destroyed dreams

    I have been living with my fiance for 7 years. We both had great jobs and a good life. He came to work for the same company and we were both fired a year later.
    We had just bought a house in AZ so he thought it was a good idea to move there. We did and he had a difficult time finding  a job. Finally he wanted to open a store for me and we did (ladies boutique). I told him it was crazy and he asked me when had he ever failed at something he put his mind to.
    We opened the store and it was a challenge. A year later he disappears and I discover he had been gambling on line the whole time. He gambled $40,000 of the stores money. Left without any explanation. Now 3 months later he emails me and tells me he was severly depressed almost killed himself and wants to come home.
    The last year before he left he was always angry and I could never please him. Now he tells me it was his depression and gambling and he love me very much.
    HELP what do I do???

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