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Christmas 2011

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    Christmas 2011
    I have struggled this year to write something different for Christmas and I have cheated again as I did in 2009 when I repeated a previous message.
    I am already fed up with an advert on UK television promising that if you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, your dreams come true. Dreams and wishing don’t make the cold reality of the addiction to gamble disappear and that applies equally to CGs and F&F.
    If I did not believe that the addiction to gamble could not be controlled and not only that, that wonderful lives can be lived as a result I would never write another word on this site. I know it can be controlled but it takes courage, it takes determination, and it takes guts – not starry eyed dreams. 
    Once again I promise to say the Serenity Prayer at 10.00 hours UK time and 3.00 hours UK time.   If that doesn’t cover ‘you’ and you want to join then please post a time that is right – but please not too late in the day in the UK.  It can be said with or without reference to God but they are words we all know. What I would like to do is stretch our hearts around the world and know that others, who share ‘our hopes’ are with us in thoughts. I want to hold your hands as though we are in a group – a group that includes the ‘whole’ community.   If the words are too difficult then smile and think for a moment of all on this site, past and present who share, in the knowledge, that this addiction is in our lives. 
    Danny39 if you are still reading – you are in my thoughts and will be again this Christmas Day. You only ever posted twice – it would be wonderful to hear from you again.
    I would also like to send a personal special Christmas wish this years to all those who work in the Gordon Houses, who support so many hundreds of souls who pass through their doors, including my CG. They gave him (and me) the ability to live outside of the shadow of the addiction to gamble. For me there could never be enough words to express my gratitude. 

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