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    Hello, i’m a 49yr. old  female and have been married 17 yrs.My husband has an addiction to gambling,it’s just  him and i and he continues to gamble even though  i  ask him not to go, when he gets paid he goes straight to the  track and comes home broke, and wants to get  money from me when i work 40+ hrs a week and struggle to pay  our bills. he makes  in a week  what  i bring  home a month and treats me like it my fault and says im the one with  the problem,he has let everything go around the  house  and has  got me in a situation were i cant leave and he knows im not going anywhere because i have no money by the time i pay  what needs to be paid,i  work and come home i have  islolated myself from everyone cause  i have  no money to  do things with them,he has made me have to  hide what  money i do have to  survive cause he will take it from me and tell me i lost it somewhere,please some one give me some answers on what to do i’m so lost and his promises are just words until the next time he gets pai d.can’t trust him or his word  anymore and this is suppose to be my husband .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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