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Do I marry him?

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    I have just found out my husband to be has a gambling addiction.
    We are due to get married in 2weeks!

    He stole/withdrew £800 cash using my credit card.
    Took £11,000 ( which  his parents thought was going towards the wedding) and used it to pay off pay day loans
    or gamble with.

    We were due to make payments for the wedding last week which we have failed to do- because he didnt have his half.

    He has 12k debt as a result of gambling- which his parents have paid off.

    I dont know what to do? Should I cancel the wedding?
    Im going to gam- anon tmw with  him to  show support because i love him- but there have been so many lies- can there be a future? It’s all a bit of a shock and we’re meant to be getting married in 2 weeks! How can I make a decision?
    I feel betrayed. I also think his parents have known about this problem and bailed him out before.
    I feel so let down, hurt, upset and unhappy.
    In need of some advice!
     What’s occurring?


    Hi Nutch
    It would be good to hear from your again.  Once you are on our radar we do care.  
    Thinking about you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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