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    I have decided to join after 6yrs of being with a complusive gambler I have finally taken the steps to leave.
    I have been away from my bf for 5 days and the relief is unbelievable. I don’t have to hide money,pin numbers or drip feed him money like a child.
    I am physically and mentally exhausted and worn down by it all and just can’t do it anymore.
    The time, money and emotions that have been wasted on this addiction don’t bare thinking about.
    As I’m sure many of you have, like me, given money for a quiet life, out of guilt, and to stop our 4yr old daughter being exposed to any more than she has already seen and heard.
    I think my eureka moment came as I lay in bed after discovering another loan had been taken out and another of our belongings had been pawned to fund gambling I thought, do I really want to live the rest of my days like this?? and the answer of course id a definate NO!!
    Of course I have had all the promises to change, stop etc. The tears, the threats of suicide (which he has attempted before) but I am not falling for it anymore. Loving him is just not enough to keep suffering.
    I need to be strong for me and my daughter but its hard, really hard. We are currently living in a nineth floor flat with my mom which obviously we can’t stay here for too long.
    I am feeling so much guilt its unreal. So please tell me I’m doing the right thing!!!
     Things don’t happen by chance..They happen with change..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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