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First counseling session

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    So my CG and I went to our first counseling session 2 nights ago. We were 15 minutes late because he would not get it together. I think that if his father hadn’t told him this was his last chance he would not have shown up. He said all of the right things to the counselor but I still wonder how far he is really willing to go. I still had to point out things about our situation that he just doesn’t seem to recognize. He said he gambled 3-4 hours a week. I pointed out that on payday there is anywhere from a 2-6 hour gap where I don’t know where he is and he usually claims his phone is dead, or the car broke down. I thnk he may see that yes there is a problem, but it isn’t as big as we make it out to be. I know that it is supposed to take time, but I just get so angry when I feel like he is taking things lightly. I’m angry because we are supposed to see this counselor once a week and attend open GA meetings. I am rearranging my life to fit his and I honestly am tired of putting his needs first. I am missing out on time with my kids because I need to be there for him and his problems. He also hasn’t even made the next appointment. I know he is waiting on me to do it. When do I just say enough? I think he should be the one to pick up the phone and make HIS appointment. Also, now if I try to talk about anything or state my opinion he say "Let’s just see what the counselor says." Now he really won’t talk about anything. I really want to scream. God help me keep my wits !With beauty and grace.

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