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Fruit machines

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    My 17 year old nephew is addicted to fruit machines he has spent about £10,000 over the past year,he says he just cannot help it if he has any money on him he will put it into a machine its got so bad that he cannot be trusted with any money as he spends it he actaully spent £500.00 in three days he cannot account where it has gone he is overdrawing at the bank -he attens college 3 days and works part time his mother(my sister) died nearly three years ago he took her unexpected death quite well we feel that this may be his way of grieving I dont know.


    I don’t know what the correct phrases are etc.
    I just know for myself, I lost both my parents over the past few years and all I wanted to do was run away from reality.
    This led to me gambling probably more than usual – trying to blot out the hurt?
    Perhaps if you could see if your nephew would talk to someone at G/H it might help?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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