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    Hello all,
    Just a quick intro.
    I am a divorced mother of 2 gorgeous boys and have been in a realationship with my beautiful man(not their father) for about 2.5 years.
    Before we got together we were pretty good friends, we’d hang out, he helped me through my divorce and he was my venting machine as well as a shoulder to cry on.I was also falling for him.
     There was one time that I just couldnt understand him, i couldnt read him, he was very secretive and I thought he didn’t want anything to do with me, we were sitting down and I asked him is everything ok (he’s lost both his parents and has only his sister and brother left), he told me he had something to tell me, I thought this is it, hes telling me so I braved up and excpected the worse. He told me he was a gambler, my reaction was "So what, who cares, I still love you for you". That was the reaction he wanted and didnt excpect to hear that, where as most people would be shocked and walk away. My first thought once it digested was, well I am here for him if need be, Ill support him and didn’t even judge him for it. Who am I to judge, who is anyone to judge someone. There is always an underlying issue cause with everything.
    We got into a realtionship and I supported him through thick and thin, he wave had our ups and downs, he’s lied to my face, lied for a week, Ive copped it on the chin and just kept thinking, this is an addiction and this is why he does it.
    He is one of the sweetest men and he would do anything for me, I love him to bits, faults and all. He knows that but with all the lies and deception to go gamble it makes me wonder wether he feels the same way. He tells me all the time how much he loves me and says if it wernt for me supporting him, he’s be a mess. I used to have it stuck in my head, if he lies about gambling to me, he must lie how much he loves me…
    To be continued……………(have to go to work)
     A friend is one who walks in when others walk out

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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