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Gambling husband – need advice please

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    This is my first post – I hope I make some sort of sense!
    About 3 years ago, I found out my husband was gambling on average, $200 per week on the pokies.  He lied to me and told me that he was paying back a guy but I didn’t (and still don’t) believe a word he said.  The pattern was all too familiar of him withdrawing lots of $100 or $50 from the pub.  Since I found out, some changes were made regarding the finances so I gained more control over the money and made sure our bills were being paid.  He gambled $500 in a couple of hours just under 2 years ago and that almost ended our marriage.  He admitted he had been gambling and that he had phoned a counsellor and was having "phone meetings". 
    Last year, I noticed he had withdrawn money again at the pub when he was supposedly working.  He told me that he had to meet a guy at the pub to pay for some parts for the job he was doing.  I didn’t believe his story.  Then a few months later, I went away for the weekend and same thing – he withdrew money from the pub and told me the same story.
    It seems whenever I go away, he goes to the pub and withdraws the money.  I was away a few weeks ago and he withdrew the money every day over the 3 days I was gone.  I confronted him last night (when I found out) and he said that he didn’t put the money in the pokies but that he did bet on some horses.
    He can’t see that it is the same problem.  He thinks I am overreacting and that it is "his pocket money" and should be able to do what ever he wants with it.
    I have no idea where to go from here.  Today he is treating me as if I have done something wrong – being short with me and barely speaking or anything.
    I feel so stupid for thinking he had stopped gambling.  He also has a poker machine app on his phone that concerns me.  It isn’t actual money that he is playing with but I just don’t think it is something he should have.
    I’m sorry for rambling I just have to get this out and hopefully someone will be able to give me some idea of what to do next.

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