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Had enough of my husbands gambling

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    When do you know you’ve had enough? After 14 years of broken promises, financial problems every single month. Has gotten so bad that I am afraid for my kids future. I have three little kids and no income myself. Where do I begin? South Africa doesn’t offer any support to moms. As my husband is well educated he never wanted me to go study or work because he earned a good salary. But now debt has gotten so bad his loans exceeds his income. And still he continues to gamble. I am emotionally drained and is batteling to function. Where do I begin? I fee there is no hope and all alone. How do I support my kids on my own. I feel that things are never going to change. Heis like a devil when he starts and won’t finish until he gambles every last cent. I can’t even start to explain what he has put me through in these past 14 years.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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