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How can I trust him to go to GA meeting

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    Long story short.
    I found out 2 years ago that my partner/ husband of 23 years has developed a gamberling addition. I found out a couple of years after I had given up work to have our children.
    He had been sitting on a great deal of money for years and when the children came he started to gamble bigger bets online until the savings where gone, he told me at one time he had won it all back, but chasing the dream of more money he put it all back. I found out when opening visa bill statements.
    He promised never to do it again and we remortgaged to clear all the debt.
    A year ago we lost one of our child suddenly and decided to have more children. While I was ill in hospital due to the pregnancy and on our child’s death anniversary my husband got out a loan and has been gamberling in bookies.
    I found out again and he has promised to get help. I have taken control of the accounts but I just can’t face more disappointment and lies.
    He said he would go to GA tonight and I was all prepared for the excuses. But he came down dressed to go out and has gone. He has left his wallet and phone behind, so I can only hope he hasn’t lied. I’m struggling to hold it together at the moment and I want to cry when the gamberling adverts appear on TV.
    Is it possible to live your whole life with a gambler?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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