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How did I get so messed up??

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    I live with a gambler. First time he asked me to marry him was when he needed money. Second time he asked me is when he needs a tax write off. Very romantic!! Never has bought me jewerly unless it was a freebee from the casino but hes too embrassed for me to tell people its from the casino!! LOL!! He is a older man and when we hooked up he asked why a older man?? I was honest and said I need security and I work in the service industry and have no education.
    At the time I was independent but my car was in the shop several times and I did put some of the repair on credit card. He gambled but I didn’t think it was that bad. Then he mention he has to work in Nevada the company needed him there. It was too late I was hook and sinked? IN. So he has me get rid of my car cuz he doesn’t want to hassle with it in nevada so I drive his car. I really never wanted to lose my car. Sure enough the money I sold the car went towards his daughter so my boyfriend could buy her a car (she lost it due to drugs) I paid for the entire move to ca and sometime later he pays back. In the meantime I put our dates out on my credit card for romance as I was struggling to keep the relationship vital. He struggled and continued gambling! I have always paid my bills with work but he paid rent as he would have to pay it anyway. So nevada is a nightmare economey went bad and then we were back to ca. He promised he would not gamble. We were able to move due to a win. But we settled for far less than what we had in nv. I had to walk along distance for laundry and we went to a 1 bedroom apt. In the meantime hes at the casino. The car has problems with key 300 dollars on credit card. Oh I cant make the 2 car payments I never gave him money for that as I found he lied. So here I was trying to keep a relationship and in the meantime getting in debt. Now he wants to retire to Idaho. His son lives by. Now all of a sudden the boyfriend has no money to help me I found a job and I go into work whenever they call me in, I took a job close to home as the only car has a hemi in it and gas cost alot for it and now he wants me to pay more money?? I have called several lawyer places and they won’t answer one question. Is Idaho a common law state. Does that mean I get stuck with his bill should he pass away? So I am going to recovery. I am not entertaining him paying for dinners or movies or even gifts.(I am becoming like him and I resent that) Sorry so long but you know what?? I feel alittle better. I will go to a meeting and meet other ladies and take care of me and not try at this relationship like I did before. Thanks for letting me vent

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