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How did you make it through the first few days/weeks?

Get practical support with your gambling problem Forum Friends and Family How did you make it through the first few days/weeks?

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    Hi All, I’m new here. Two nights ago my husband of four years confessed his gambling addiction to me (really I forced it out of him). We have a baby daughter and all that is going through my head is fear for her future. More than anything I want her to have a loving family where she feels safe. Right now I am struggling because I don’t know if supporting my husband through recovery is best for my daughter or if I am putting her in more danger by not just leaving him and removing ourselves from this environment. I love him very much, and he is ready and willing to get the help that he needs, I am just so skeptical because it seems that everyone relapses at some point, and maybe next time it will be worse. At this time, he is $25,000 in debt from gambling (he took out loans I did not know about) but he has not tapped into our family accounts, thank goodness.
    Anyway, the first thing I have to know is how to get through these first few days? I feel like my world has come crashing down. Everything I saw for our future is now uncertain and terrifying. I is impossible for me to care about and complete every day tasks. I don’t want to eat, or shower or anything. Nothing seems important and I can’t have a conversation or smile. I cry half the day. It’s not fair to my daughter (or to me, or even to my husband).
    Do any marriages survive this? Can CGs be good parents? Maybe if I had some hope I could pick myself up and carry on with life.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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