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How naive

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    Well I feel I’m back to square one!!! I mentioned in my last post that my partner had a blip!! Well yesterday and today he had more than that. He has gambled all his money and some of his share out of the joint account we have for bills etc!!
    I have drawn out what money was left in the joint acc!! I knew he had gambled yesterday as he was different not in a bad way but was distant and his body language was different!! I did mention something about gambling last night but nothing was said!! I found out as I went to draw some cash out if the joint acc and there was hardly any money in it as my share had not cleared. I text him as I was on my way to wk he told me he’d but the money back!! Anyway I had to go to wk but spentcall day worrying and thinking. A few texts went backwards and forwards and to cut a long story short he text me and said he done it again today and gambled everything he had plus some of our joint acc money!!
    He text me saying if I don’t decide to give up on him, he wants his salary paid into my acc so he doesn’t have access to any cash!!
    I don’t know what to do anymore as I do love him. This was suppose to be a new year new start etc after last year
    He has gambled via his mobile phone it’s just so easy now and getting more so as technology advances .
    I really don’t know if I can carry on like this. I feel I’m on a roundabout unable to get off but don’t know how!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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