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‘IF’ revisited

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    If you are wondering why I am resurrecting this thread from March 2010 it is because the forum is a little quiet and anybody who may have a problem could feel that If only someone would say something then maybe they could too. What I do know is that the problem that binds us together has not gone away. 
    The Friends and Family groups are a little quiet too although I have not been on my own yet! I think it is like an invitation to a party – nobody wants to arrive first. IF you are worried about trying it – please don’t be. I appreciate there is more information on the forums than there used to be but talking about what worries ‘you’ in real time is different, sometimes the one-to-ones have been the most therapeutic – it is private and what is said in the group stays in the group.
    If you are reading and not posting please read on.
    If you feel you were overlooked at any stage please post again.
    If you feel you need support but feel unsure about posting, we understand – we all did a ‘first post’ once and know how daunting it can be.   Just write a few words and we will pick you up.
    If you feel daunted by putting words to paper please don’t. Every voice registers with someone, every word gives credence to our unity of spirit. 
    If more people post the more we emphasise that we are not alone and we can succeed.
    If you feel you cannot support it doesn’t matter.
    If you feel you cannot support but have read other posts and would like to say ‘just something’ – write on that person’s thread and register that you have heard them – it will make a difference to that person.
    If your loved one has controlled their addiction and you would still like support – please post. It is why I started on this forum.
    If your loved one has controlled their addiction and you don’t feel you need support any more – you can make a difference, although I fully understand you leaving this part of your life behind.
    If your loved one did not control their addiction but you have moved on – you can make a difference, although again, I understand wanting to leave this part of your life behind.
    If you want to talk privately then the F&F groups are available between 1100 – 1200  hours UK time on Monday and Wednesday and between 2000-2100 on Tuesday. What is said in the group room stays in the group.
    If you are in need of support over the weekends when there are no groups the site has an un-facilitated chat room. It is for the whole community. I think it is great.
    If I have left any ifs out please always feel free to moan at me.
    One person saying something can be shrugged off. Two people saying something might be worth checking out. A forum of people saying the same thing in a multitude of ways and languages proves, to me at least, that we are saying something that is right and can be life-changing. 
    I appreciate that most members who no longer post have left the problem that they came here with behind in the safety of this forum and that is how it should be but occasionally we hear that someone has been reading for two years and not writing.
    We have now got an update on Sparrow who is moving forward and doing well
    I can’t name you all but I do wonder about so many and I am sure others do.  The list is endless but you all registered on the forum radar. 
    IF you are reading and any of the above applies to you please just say ‘hi’. 
    Velvet xx

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