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    Anyone who finds themselves in the midst of the maelstrom that is Compulsive Gambling believes themselves to be alone with their fear.
    Due to lack of knowledge, friends and family around those affected by this addiction do not understand and the addiction finds a fertile soil in which to spread confusion and doubt.
    In this forum ‘living with compulsive gambling’ is understood.
    If you are affected by Compulsive Gambling or believe it might be at the root of your worry please post a thread.
    Your post will be treated with care and you will receive replies from those who understand you.
    Our groups are F&F only and nothing that is said in them appears on the forum but the forum is a fantastic place. Read by so many, each post will strike a chord with someone and new thoughts and new dreams can emerge. 
    Maybe you are going through a quiet time and just reading but it would be good to know you are there – I know a few of you but I am sure there are many more. 
    I am sure the first time we open our hearts and tell another what is going on in our lives, is the hardest bit. How good therefore is this forum where, when you do reveal that which affects you, you can be sure of understanding and a warm welcome? 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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