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I’m still here

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    I’m still around and I read the posts daily!! On the whole things are going well with me and my cg. He has had a blip shall we say!! It was pay day last Friday which I dread anyway I had a dream that he had blown all his wages again. I told him about my dream then I asked him if he had gambled. ( ge doesn’t go to the casino anymore, he does it through his mobile phone) he said no, but I knew he had by his reaction. I then told him that I’m going to check his online bank accounts. He then told me he had down loaded the gambling app onto his phone and put £60 into his gambling acc, he can do this without any cards as the site has all his card details!! Anyway he then told me he withdrew the money straight away as he realised what he’d done!! Of course I didn’t believe him. But after checking his bank he did. That’s the 1st time ever that he has not gone ahead and gambled until every penny had gone!!. I challenged him about the site and how do you ban yourself. We looked together and he said he would ban himself if I wanted him too! I told him that I do but ultimately it’s if he wants to. He said he did so we will see if he does it. I told him I think he needs some sort of counselling but he’s reluctant to go for that. I told him about this site he said he would have a look on it! When I suggested things to him he kept saying if that’s what I want!! I told him it’s him that’s needs to want to change not me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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