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    Today, 11th June 2012, Kathryn has lived gamble-free for 3 years.
    She has posted in the F&F forum on many occasions and always supported it well.  
    If you have met Kathryn on your travels through the site please pop over and wish her well – she deserves thanks for being a beacon in what is a dark world for the non-CG who has the addiction to gamble in their life. 
    If you have not met Kathryn – hers is a terrific thread to read. 
    Written as a journal, Kathryn did not know from day one, that her recovery was the true one, her doubts, triggers, fears, urges, were the real frightening worries of that day and she has controlled her addiction by living one day at a time for 1096 days – if my maths are right.    
    So as an F&F member I would like to say a massive ‘Thank you Kathryn for all the joy and hope you bring this site.   You are living a wonderful gamble-free life and deserve an abundance of love and happiness’.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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