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lost dont no what to do??

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    my husband is a cg   and we have two twin boys who are one years old.   my husband gambled before we were together but had stop for two year when i meet him and was clean for about the first 2 -3 year of us being together.  BUT the thing is the last two year he been gambling and i only find out about it when he losses and usaul a big amount.   in the last year he done this to me 5 times  that i know of.  after the 2nd time i took control of the finaces watch his account what he used and  just give him pocket money started out at 15 pound and he begged and begged went up to 35 pounds per week i but i buy everything for him. all  he all complian that he dosent have enough money and cant buy anything but i feel that because he gambling it all the time even if he win it just go start back to the machine and i get the complaints.  anyway this last time he found away around me and took out debt with a pay day advance compain not caring how much intrest they charge.   and has end up another 500 pound in debt i know it not a thusand but but it alot of money for me who try to save ever peeny i have for my boys and it would of been higher if i didnt find out,  and we have twin boy coming up to christmas as well he just dosent care he dosent see the effect it casue and i ablsoutle hate him for this he just dont relise how much it cost to the family his sons and his lie how much the hurt  me   he rather take a day off to go gambling then spend time with his boys.  he plays heap of mental games when he is gambling saying that i am a bad person for not trust him or bring up all my fault so we get destracted for the point which is his gambling . ever time i catch him he say the same that he dosnet want to do it and he so sorry and he wont do it aagin but then the next day he blame me for not trusting him but what dose he expect.  and then a week later he says he wont do it ahain but he can t garentee that he wont do and he get very upset if i say that not enough  it hurt my head thinking about this i know i make mistake and i dont know what to do any more to help him  i used to love him so much and he helped me with all my problem but whe he gambling it like he another man we fight all the time i try my best but it never good enough and i am human too  i worry ever time i say some thing or we fight that i will make him go and gamble again.  it shouldnt be like this i should be held hostage to be nice to him just so he dosent gamble and i know even if i am nice he will gamble any way.   SO this time i have asked him to move out and he will move out tomorrow .  BUt i am scared that he will gamble more as he not got me there to stop him and he will get thousand pound in debt  the problem is well is i relay on him for my boys, who are amazing ,  for him to help me out finacal as i only work part time and he look  after them  on saturday.  i dont want him to get worst,  even though i hate what he done to my and our son i want to help him.  i dont know if i am make the right desion to ask him to leave i am just sooooooo tired of cring and argue ever time we together.  i want my children to have a dad.    my head hurt thinking about it.  any advise will help.
    ps  i hope you guys can understand what i have write i am deslectic i cant even spell that haha .

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