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    To you all
    I know that Christmas will be tough for many of you but Cat438 in ‘My Journal’  has a thread entitled ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and as I am aware that many of you probably stick to F&F and won’t have seen in. If you want to wish each other a happy, stress-free time then please do so.
    Please join in wishing each other a time that is truly a season for goodwill and not the commerical venture the media has made of it.  Perhaps pop across to Cat’s thread too and maybe leave a message there too. 
    The whole community is dedicated to living away from the shadow of the addiction to gamble and just being on  this site makes it reason enough, i think, for us to care about one another at this time.   We all want the same thing and the true message of Christmas is about peace and loving each other – not presents, trees, eating and drinking. 
    I know it is a tough time and my thoughts will be with all of you who struggle but I do hope that there are times in the next few days when all of you feel hope for your future and a joy in your heart. 
    I have 3 groups next week and even if you pop in for a minute it would be great to her from you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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