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    I met my CG partner when i was just 16 he was 18 12years ago, he was gambling when i met him he was getting into trouble and as you would say in with the wrong crowd, we grow close and soon he stopped getting into trouble and hardly went out unless he had money that is. i didnt really no much about the problem he would have money go off not answer his call for hours I’d be ringing and ringing going around the arcades to find him argue then forget about it until the next time. For years this went on his mum had taken him to GA when he was 16 and a few yrs in2 our relationship he said he wanted to go back so i went with him not understanding any ov it i regularly went but had to just sit and wait soon he started to go on his own n thats wen it stopped.He never showed me attention or seem to want to spend time with me i just got on with my own life we had many lovely holidays and were at our happiest as i recall there were no arcades . 3 n half years ago we had a beautiful daughter he was still gambling and i couldn’t understand thought after we had a baby he would change . one day he came home and said he had a tattoo on his wrist ov our baby’s name so he could see that when he was about to money in a manchine i was so proud(still not knowig the illness).As time went on lies with money still off for hours and hours arguing where he had been when i was caring for our baby things were just getting worse in a relationship. Then just ova a year ago he joined the gym seemed like he had a new addiction spending more and more time there is body changing hanging around with bouncers now he decided he was going to go up the town as he never went out for all these yrs n i always went out when i wanted (although he choose to go gambling than out with friends he blamed me) Any hows he was going out every weekend until 6a.m maybe later until i had enough and threw him out i was shocked when he was just happy to go, he said that i was to controlling for it to work i was heartbroken any hows gym slowly stopped and he was back gambling then i came across a book they gave me all those years ago WOW all the signs ov our awful relationship was in there his lies came to light the way i treated him i tried to tell him and he was very angry that i was insulting him. he got a job up country as he said he needed to get away i thought it was a good idea however i couldn’t of been more wrong alot of money no1 to answer to gambling was getting worse and worse at times he came home saying how much he loved me and wanted it to work he get help wen he left it got worse then he go back to work the next weekend a different man again said i am to bossy he wanted to do wat he wanted wen he wanted. He then got to a point where he couldn’t get a bank account to get paid as all his account were so o/d , he had 2pays into my account but he hated that i took money he owed me and keep for our daughter so he soon stopped it going in mine. He got major debit he not bot herd about nothing but trouble since he left a bit like when i met him .In Nov he came home saying he wants another go Ive been alot stronger and dont think he could cope. we been struggling i tried to let him do Wat he wants showing him constant love which i had not for years but felt he wanted me to be a doormat wouldn’t show me any love i couldn’t understand why he came home, But after all this hurt it got worse in the year we split up he got involed with young girl i was heartbroken he the love of my life and from times he breaks down he loves me truly, After speaking to this girl seems she lets him do Wat he wants regularly giving him money he had about £900 off her using her card to play on line just cant understand it all , he is now deverstated its all come out Ive not seen him since and i go on holiday weds with my mum and daughter for a week just be good to get away, must Amit through the breakup i have found god and thats changed my life completly his family very religious and so was he . In his heart he such a good man just the freedom and gambling spiraled so out of control and changed this man in ways i couldn’t ov imagine .Sorry it’s so long just needed to share it with you.

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