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My wife has a big online gambling problem

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    Hello could do with some advice and feedback.
    Have just discovered 1o days ago by accident my partner has a big online gambling problem was going for a loan for a biz investment and got turned down couldnt understand why
    Then asked my partner did she have any loans "no" she said   then as i credit searched she broke down and said she owed 15k on credit cards and took 3k of our savings i was gobsmacked to say the least
    Ok we can deal with this when did you last gamble 3 months ago she said ive quit ok I thought we can sort this out wont be easy then i got drunk for a couple of days
    Bigger problem was she hadnt come clean even though she promised she had, if fact she had gambled the day i discovered the prob not 3 months prevoius debts whe 18.7k plus 6k savings plus other lies about her income which i was suplimenting
    The lies became the biggest problem even after promising on our daughters life there were more lies this is the hardest part she says she has been online gambling for 4 years and I never knew a thing.
    We now have her involved in IVA for the debt and ive involved some family members for support I was really angry for 5 days that I kept finding out more and why she didnt come clean I have now calmed down a bit though I cant really talk to her properly yet or sleep in the same room
    The anger really comes from all the conversations he had about moving to another bigger house or adding an extension or the nexy holiday we would take all the time her knowing of this debt and stealing our savings I really find this lying every other day for years so hard to deal with.
    btw hope to take her to a GA meeting tomorrow nightno one said it would be easy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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