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Need Support in order to safe my marriage!

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    Hi Everyone,
    I signed up with this page because I am lost and I don’t know how to safe my marriage. I tried everything possible to make my life better and at this point I am wondering if there is anyting I could have done better. My story is maybe similar to anyones elses. My husband is a addicted to gambling and he uses all possible ways to gamble. Casino – Online Gambling – Watching Poker Tournaments on TV and joining GUys night out that comes with Poker games. For the first 5 years I realized that he gambles a lot but since my life looked good and I didn’t really see his lies everything still looked healthy to me. Now that I have a baby girl and I really focus on giving her a really good life and found out how he lied to me for the last 5 years and I guess I wa just busy working or naiv to see it… because he is really good at it. Maybe I should mention that his Mom and one of his Oncel are also big Gamblers or addicted to Gambling and for him it is not as bad as I tell him. He would lose on one night sometimes $ 800 and apoligezes and the next time it happens again. To make it short he would find a great excuse like he goes to Basket ball with the guys and when I found out he said that I am sicko and I see things that are not real. So after hearing lies like this million times and he asking me to proof it. … I finally signed up with family map from ATT and I found out that he even would have a day off and tell me that he is at work but in reality he would go to his favorite Casino. And even other times where he would tell me other things he was at that Casino. ANd I would tell him that I know where he was and he would be so suprised that I had all the little details about time and everthing. SO after 3 weeks he found out that I am tracking him and by now he got a bit better because I treat him that I am leaving this marriage… but we still fight every weekend and my daughter is in the house and the harmony is zero which breaks my heart. I wish I could give her a better environment. I will write more next time but I saw that my husband is just on his way back from a guys night out for a poker game and before he left we had a big fight because he asked for $ 240 dollars gambling money and I said leave me $ 40.00 because I have no cash and take the $ 200. He started getting nasty and finally I left the house and met my family so my baby can have a good night. THank you all in advance for your great advice and support. MeganAsking for help is a strength not a weakness!

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