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Oh god I cannot believe he’s done this!! Help me please!!

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    After being dragged into the bank by the bank manager today and being told off like a little school girl for the appauling state of my finances which until a year and a half ago were so good….I didn’t think things could get worse but tonight the evil CG has gone out knowing full well that the loan he only just managed to scrape together was in his bank account. And then he has not met up with his friends for 2 and a half hours and I couldn’t contact him because his mobile was broken. I knew, I KNEW, I KKKKNNNNNNEEEEEWWWWW he was gambling but with my beautiful 3 year old step daughter asleep in bed, what exactly could I do??
    So I finally manage to get hold of him and ask him outright and he just says ‘yeah I have’ like it doesn’t mean anything! I am devastated, that money was my last hope, my last chance to get my life back on track and he ruined it. DELIBERATELY!!! He ruined it!! How can he do this to me? How can he treat me so badly but then think that telling me he loves me over the phone makes it all ok??? How dare he!!!??? I ask him to come home, I tell him that I am really upset and need him, I cannot deal with this alone and he tells me that he just wants to drink to forget his sins!! Do I really mean that little to him??!!
    That was my only hope, my only way out. What am I supposed to do now???
    So I am now sat here, bottle of wine in one hand, sobbing my heart out. And what is he doing, out drinking with his friends spending MY money!!! What have I done to deserve this? I have done everything for this man and he treats me like this. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. But according to him, this is all my doing, I knew that he was a CG when he asked me to marry him, I knew what I was getting into!
    What do I do? Help me please. I am so upset and so low! I am already on anti-depressants and receiving counselling and been off work lately due to stress all because of him…..the man who claims to love me and then systematically ruins my life everyday!
    God, please tell me it cannot get any worse than this, because I cannot cope with this, if it gets worse, I don’t know what I’ll be left with.

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