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    My stepson has had a gambling problem since he was a teenager. he got into debt with banks, we tried to help him organise his finances to pay it back. It didn’t work. He took it to another level when he stole £450 from us and blew it in the bookies, he left a note and went to live with his mother 5 miles away. He did’nt tell her. We did. We have banned him from the house because he can’t be trusted. We have offered to take him anywhere he needs to go to get help. He admitted to us he had a ‘massive problem’ but denys it to everyone else, including friends and girlfried. His girlfriend knows nothing about his debts of habit.
    We feel he is getting away with it, he still has a home, friends etc. How can he face up to the consequences of his actions, when there are’nt any?  We don’t want him to end up in the gutter before he realises things are out of control.We considered the police, but don’t want him to have a record all his life. We could tell his girlfriend, but what if she dumps him and he goes and does something silly? He thinks a lot of her. How can we give him the wake up call he needs? How tough do we need to get?

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