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    It was pay day for my cg yesterday, he was going out with his friends. The usual pattern is he blows his wages then doesn’t gamble for a couple of months, due to lack of funds. Well he has the funds this month!! Anyway he needed his card to get cash out as I was at work ( I have his cards) Due to the fact he didn’t get paid till yesterday he didn’t have any money to draw out on thurs night, he agreed to leave his cards and receipt at home for when I got home from wk ( he was going out at 4pm). I got in from wk at 5:15pm and no card!! I text him and asked where it was. He told me he didn’t have time to get any cash in the day and bring his card home, as he was going out straight from wk, but promised he wouldn’t do anything daft like gamble. Of course I text back and said I hope not as this is what you do and I don’t believe you. He rang home to talk to me and our little boy as we have not seen much of him this week due to his shifts!! Again he told me not to worry!! (easier said than done). I went to bed at around 10:45 fell asleep but my eldest son woke me up coming in at around 1:15am, after that I couldn’t sleep. In the end I text cg at 3:15am asking him what time he was coming home as I couldn’t sleep with worry!! He got in about 4am this morning. I asked him if he’d been to the casino, he said no but he was so drunk I didn’t believe him. I have checked his bank this morning and no he hasn’t been. Which is the 1st time in months he hasn’t followed his usual pattern!! Even though he didn’t go this time I’m not allowing myself to become complacent!! Just because he didn’t gamble he’s not getting his card back!!

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