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    I too am in a gambling battle with two children. It has been a nightmare going through the spectrum of love/pain. The never ending cat/mouse game. I have focused so much on this problem that I am confused and depressed. When I got harder, my spouse got smarter. Soon enough I got exhausted and my spouse got worst. Once upon a time, it was at a tangeble sum, now it is so far out of reach that I cannot pay nor help. There is always something that can I can do to ease the symtom but could never find the cure. As of date I took my friends and gambling pyschologist advice and that is to walk away. The advice came 2 years ago and never did agree with them. I don’t feel foolish or have wasted my time to have tried to cure gambling with love. I know now I have truly tried and have been unsucessful. We are now separated, fortunately my parents are here at full support to lend a hand with the kids through this hard time. Good luck with your battle, you are not alone.
    Hi Tinkletoe
    Ive converted your post into its own thread, Hopefully this will allow you to recieve the support you so rightly deserve
    Take Care
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