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    Thank you all for sticking so valiently to the group tonight.  so many of you making the effort and our typing getting muddled by the lags.
    What goes on in the group stays in the group but I want to tell you one thing that I used to write but haven’t for a little while.  To get good things into the head of an active CG there has to be some space.   My CG likened it to a head full of sand – unless some is tipped our there is no room and it takes the right treatment to tip that sand out.
    When you tell a CG they are wasting their time and their lives there is no room for the logic you are presenting them with, so your energy is wasted.    Directing them to support is good and goes hand in hand with you looking after yourself as the most important things you can do. 
    The compulsion to gamble has got nothing to do with money which is the bit that non-CGs have the most problem with at the beginning.  It is all about the gamble.   They will lose everything, they will own nothing, they will take all they can and throw it away because all that matters is the gamble.  Trying to make sense of that is a waste of time – you won’t be able to do it.  Concentrate on the one thing you can do something about and that is looking after you.
    Somebody in the group tonight did get a point home to their CG and it was done in humour – the addiction does not do humour.   She bi-passed the addiction but was able to do it because she is looking after herself.   To see any wit when you are dealing with this addiction is to confuse it.  
    I am so sorry that it was such a struggle tonight.   I found you all so patient.  It was incredibly frustrating but at least we all knew the others were there.  We were together in time for an hour, united in our thoughts.   
    You can choose not to let the addiction to gamble destroy you.  You are important and tonight you were all very special and I thank you.

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