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Valentine’s Day

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    It’s that time of year again!! In every shop and all over the media we hear that it is a time to ‘know that you are loved’ by receipt of a card or a dozen over-priced roses and where proof of devotion seems to involve a candlelit ‘romantic’ (over-priced) dinner!   
    I think it is particularly poignant for many in F&F who live in doubt and fear that their lives are not as straightforward as others and who doubt the love of their partner/husband/wife because an addiction has got in the way and is distorting the language between them.
    Valentine’s Day has always been an enigma to me where ‘love’ means a card and often the amount of cards received proves greater love and popularity.   I had a friend who in her 30s was sending between 10 and 20 cards every year in the hope that she would receive 1 – she never did. The temptation to send her one was great but it would have been dishonest to do so and to hear her wondering which of her chosen cards had found it’s mark.
    I am not a kill-joy. I love celebrations but not ones where so many people will be sadder for the ‘occasion’. It is mostly only those who are flogging the ‘love’ dream for financial gain that are richer for it. 
    If you believe that receiving a card or present or whatever from someone who has the addiction to gamble please think again. It is a card and cards cost money – money is the life-blood of the addiction, it is not there to buy cards. The card does not tell you that you are loved – it is a piece of card and no more.  The lack of it doesn’t tell you that you are unloved either.   Please don’t set yourself up for a fall over somethng so unimportant. I would be disappointed if I got one because it would mean I haven’t been listened to and being listened to is more important and doesn’t involve money. 
    If you get hundreds of cards – just ignore this post or eat it. 
    On this site you are loved and cared for
    V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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