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    This is one of the first lessons I learned here. It was something I never really thought about. I was always trying to make everyone else happy that honestly I didn’t pay much attention to mine. I nurtured everyone including my cg father who I was taking care of like I was the mother and he the son.
    In ways I am grateful for the way things turned out with my cg father. The tough choices I had to make at first were gut wrenching and unthinkable but I made them. I did it because I had to. It was me or the addiction and in the process I would have to turn my back on my father. The one I enabled and protected for so so many years. I felt like I was forced to jump off a cliff alone but I did it because I had to.  
    I believe things only happen when we are forced to make a decision. It is the only way real change happens or we just stay where we are miserable and let the cg abuse us and let the addiction make the calls. This is for all of you that feel you are trapped and can’t make that tough choice you want to but are afraid for whatever reason.
    Just remember you are the most important person in your life. You are the one who is allways by yourside. Your the one who deserves to be happy. And you are the one who can only make yourself happy.
    Just a little reflection…
     (I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)

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