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We only want to help, why are they against us?

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    My CG stepson (20) moved out and left a note after admitting he had stolen £450 from us and gambled it.We never realised how bad his habit was. He still denies it to his friends. This forum said get tough. He desperately wanted to hide this from his girlfriend (17), we told her. Turns out he owes money to her and her sick mother, he won’t go into town, afraid of who he might meet – he owes everyone. At first she said WE were lying, but was glad to be told, he had been staying with her since moving out, she said this could not continue. We contacted his natural mother to warn her he had moved out, she was all for calling the police, keeping his personal possessions etc, but when she realised he might be knocking on her door, looking for a bed, she changed tack. She turned on me, resenting my involvement, saying it was none of my business, I should not have told his girlfriend.( she still has an issue with me after being divorced from my husband for 15 years!) £200 of what he stole was mine! He has lived with us for years. I feel we are banging our heads on a brick wall. Are we the only ones who think he needs professional help?
    My stepson denies he has a problem to everyone else but us. His girlfriend is so loved up she thinks he will pay back the money and everything will be all right, and his natural mother, blames me and says, "it’s just how he is", she says she had it all before when he lived with her.
    My husband is gutted, he can’t believe what his son has done. He feels sick.  His son has made no contact since leaving, we have offered to arrange help for him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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