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What can I do, is there any way out?

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    My partner is a compulsive gambler, not just a few pounds here and there, it’s thousands.  He owes money to me, family and friends and sticks his head in the sand.  I was sacked because I was using the company credit card to buy food and pay bills.  It’s a long story but had been using the card for personal use and paying it back each year, due to his gambling I couldn’t pay it back this year and got sacked.
    Three years ago I had a perfect credit rating and all my bills and mortgage were up to date.  Now I’ve defaulted on everything, been taken to court twice for council tax arrears and repossession has started on my house.  All of this because of his gambling and him emptying my bank account as soon as I was getting paid.  I opened a new bank account last Christmas, it took him days to find the card and register it on various gambling sites.
    Does he take responsibility for any of this?  No.  I have asked him to leave so many times and he just ignores it.  I have never admitted any of this to anyone and I suppose this is an outlet for the stress I am under.
    Yesterday was the first day he had been out of the house for weeks, it was his birthday so he got money from family.  It was gone within 1 hour even though he knew I needed to find £500 for the mortgage payment this week.
    Anyone got anything that will make him see sense.  All the arguments are just the same old stuff and in the end I always get the blame.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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