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    Ive just found out my partner has been gambling money we dont have again!! I’m 27 and have 2 children 1 of them being just 4 months old. Im on maternity leave from work so my income is reduced at the moment.
    My partner and i share a bank account (in my name only) as my partner had to go bankrupt. When we met he owned his own home but was massivly in debt due to the gambling which he wont admit to. His house got reposessed after we had been together around a year. He said he just couldnt afford the re-payments on his own. He moved in with me and he went bankrupt. since then our finances have been joint, his wages go into my account and he deals with all the household bill and pays them. I feel so stupid looking back for trusting him. As you have probably guessed he did not pay bills all the bills and we fell behind with everything i got a ccj for not paying the next account. He assured me he would sort it all out and the gambling would stop. I believed him and he carried on with the finances. When i was pregnant with our 2nd child i found out he had gambled £2000 over the space of Two months. money meant for bills and baby things. We nearly split up and he promised nearly losing his family was his wake up call. Yet again believed him i didnt know where to start sorting things out so he assured me he would do it and i stupidly trusted him.
    A couple of weeks ago i started noticing the signs again that money was disapearing. Letters were coming through the door saying things hadnt been paid. He had cancelled the paper bank statements and the pin machine to get on the bank was hidden. I confronted him today and found out he had gambled all the money and has taken out more loans in my name.
    The thing is you would never meet a kinder or more wonderful person. I love him with all my heart but this is tearing us apart. I want to leave but all the debt is in my name and my family live 200 miles away. i have no where to turn.

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