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what do i do?

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    hi this is the first time i have used this site (or any form of help), i have been with my husband for 6 years, it is our first wedding anniversary on sunday. 6 month before we married i found out he was gambling, i told him i would not marry him (, my ex husband was a gambler and we lost everything including our home, i had 9 hours to get out with 4 children.he ended up in prison leaving me to sort everything.) my husband knew all this and promised after a few weeks he would stop. i believed him and he did stop. i have noticed a big change in him for 3 month now so i checked his bank. yes he is at it again. i confronted him last night, i told him i was leaving but all he has to say is its not a problem as he will win big one day . he is at work at min but txt me to say sorry, but then says he has to make the biggest decision of his life… ha ha i am thinking that if its such a big decision which to choose then me and our 4 girls are not important enough. my head says to tell everyone but my heart is breaking and saying we will fight this.. i really dont know what to do xx

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