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Will i ever get my little brother back?

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    Not been on here for years and dont really know where to begin! feeling a little, well, a lot low today! My little brother has gone back to Kent today and he is a CG> hes not so little now (25 to be precise) but it doesnt mean i dont worry about him. He has been into GH but unfortunately he is still gambling and has recently hit what we think is his lowest point ever. He stole rom his girlfriends mother, whom he was living with (his girlfriend is in australia and he was due to fly out to meet her in Feb!) to pay for his airline ticket. Subsequently it all blew up as he confessed and following this he threatened to kill himself so was sectioned for his own safety. He discharged himself and went back to work but now he has no money and the ex girlfriend is ringing him and constantly being abusive aswell as the mother and now my mum and dad have had abusive and threatening phonecalls even though we live over 100 miles away from him! He has been up with us since fri lunch and it has been good although he hasnt stopped with us, he stopped with mum and dad. He went back today and now im worried for him being down there on his own. I know its all his own doing and in one way he deserves what he gets as he has to deal with the consequences of his actions but hes still my brother. My husband and i have a 5 month old daughter who my brother dotes on and it makes me sad to think he cant use her as his focus to beat the gambling. I miss the brother i used to have and dread the phone ringing incase its someone saying hes dead because he owed somebody money etc. I know its selfish but we didnt expect prezzies this year but hoped he may have brought our daughter something, even just a pack of bibs, but nothing at all. I miss him when hes not here but dont like the heartache he causes us all particularly my mum and dad. He just needs help. Feel really sad because we cant help him.
    Be good to hear from others.
    Thanks x

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