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Worried mum

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    I have been separated for many years from my children’s father.
    Reasons being gambling.
    We will not get back together because deep down I am still working on a lot of pain the gambling and lies caused.
    I am not here to talk about my lost relationship.
    My concern is my children… Mainly daughter she is 7 and half
    I have always Protected my children from gambling/lies etc.
    However over time it became obvious he was not doing the same.. I guess a while ago it didn’t show because they we’re too young. But now they are telling me about being left in car whiledad gambles, or being at shop whiledad steals anything from toys to clothes.
    My daughter is terrified and I am really worried for
    My daughter explained to me that this weekend she apparently asked her dad not to leave her and her brother in the car and do not go to the tab to gamble he apparently said NO! I won’t.
    With that they were left in the car and my daughter said she watched her dad walk right into the tab.
    She said he was gone a lil while but to a child that could be 5 mins to hours
    When he came back she said to him u said u wouldn’t and I saw u go in! And he said no it’s a different shop now
    My daughter said to me in doubt but mum if it was a different shop they would take the signs off wouldn’t they?
    Anyway mum I know he gambled and lied because he was very angry at me when he came back to the car.
    Normally he would tell me off for putting my feet on seat but that day he was very angry.

    I am worried that he is now making her second guess herself with his lies just like he ditto me.
    I want her to be 7 and not have these probs or worries.
    I don’t want my kids left in car when he can’t even see them it’s not safe, and my kids deserve more respect.
    It’s. Killing me what can I do?
    I tried to discuss the stealing with him (but I did not say it was my daughter that told me – I promised her because she is scared he will yell) andhejustdenied it. My daughter is scared the police will take her and her brother away.
    But on top of this, he still puts the blame on me for not taking him back but I will never go back because he never changed and 2 – too much water under bridge
    And now itsaffecting our children and I have come so far to be strong and help them and me thru this.
    He can hate me or bully me forever if he wants… But do the right thing as a father, because if this continues I will have no choice butto stop him having them 🙁

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